[OhQP-mail] How about a goal for 2012 Ohio QSO Party (Hank Greeb)

Keith A Miller kamiller at maplenet.net
Tue Oct 11 11:05:12 EDT 2011

I am planning to return to Fulton County in 2012.  With only 2 days to  
prepare after deciding to do it this year I managed to leave my other 
event at about 1 pm.  I was up and running about 3:15pm  operated till 7 
pm with an hour off to eat supper with my parents.  My parents, 3 
brothers and one brothers wife and children were all sitting in the yard 
around the picnic table where I was operating.

For 2012 I am planning to have a 1x1 call.  Still not sure if  I will 
run the IC-703 in the QRP class or run the IC-7000 in low power. If i 
have a county record for QRP in 2011 I may try for the low power record 
in 2012  Since my parents and many of my family live in Fulton County I 
have good places to operate.

Keith,  KA9RSL.

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