[OhQP-mail] How about a goal for 2012 Ohio QSO Party

Keith A Miller kamiller at maplenet.net
Sat Oct 29 08:34:01 EDT 2011

Thanks for the comments.  QRP is fun. My first choice for a call was K8F.  N8F is also a good choice.
I will be building a new 40/80 meter antenna for this time.  The old OCF dipole that I built in the 1970s
is starting to break up from so much portable use.  Will be building another  Len Carson's K4IWL, New Carolina
WIndom  like I am using for my home antenna.   Have had very good results with that design.

This will be my second mini-DXpedition for 2012.  I plan to return to the MI UP in June for a 6 meter trip to EN75.
EN76, EN85 and EN85.  That will be a Phone, CW and digital trip with a couple other friends.
Hope to give out those grids for 6 meter ops working toward the FFMA.

Keith, KA9RSL

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