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Thanks for the input.  My logbook score, the return email from the robot and the claimed score posted on the website are all in agreement so it appears that there is no issue.

Almost every qso from down this way was difficult, so I am already thinking about how to improve next years results.  Looking back at the log, I noticed that I had 72 qso’s on CW but only 2 qso’s on phone.  In retrospect, I should probably have spent more time looking for phone contacts on 20 meters when the band was open to Ohio.  I heard several stations on 40 meter phone in the evening, but just couldn’t seem to break through.  I probably called W8OH forty or fifty times before I finally managed to get a qso. 

I’m thinking that a temporary dipole for 80 and 40 meters would offer a little gain and might be a better performer than my vertical.  The only problem with the dipole is that I can only get it up about 25 – 30 feet above ground.  And, if I ever get my amplifier out of Customs, that should probably be a big help.  It’s been sitting in  Customs now for about five months.  It’s been inspected four times, but still hasn’t been released.  It’s anyones guess what the condition of the amp will be when and if it finally gets released.  I believe I know where the term “Customs” comes from… its short for “Cuss-toms”.

Steve TI8/AA8HH

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