[OhQP-mail] The dreaded robot

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Sun Sep 18 01:31:01 CDT 2016

The OhQP (and MiQP for that matter) robots shouldn't be dreaded.  People 
only have problems if they're careless setting up their logging software 
and don't check their file before sending it.

Here is how to make the robot happy:

  * Send it only Cabrillo files, not ADIF files, word processor files,
    Excel files or anything else. Cabrillo files usually (but not
    always) have the filename extension ".LOG".

  * Make sure your logging software is up to date in regards to the OhQP
    rules.  Last year the contest exchange was changed from QSO number &
    location, to RS(T) & location and your Cabrillo file must reflect this.

  * Make sure your callsign and location are correct in your Cabrillo
    file.  This is common sense but you'd be amazed how many people mess
    this up.  How, you ask?  Here is a ***fictional*** scenario.  Bob,
    KW8N calls Dave, K8CC to borrow his laptop for OhQP.  Bob operates
    the contest as KW8N in LORA county, but his Cabrillo file shows he
    operated as K8CC in Michigan because it defaulted the log to the
    computer's owner.  Also, make sure your operating category is a
    valid OhQP category.

  * Keep in mind that the robot doesn't deduct dupes (that's why the
    robot's result is called a "raw" score).  If you want the robot's
    raw mult count to match what you think it should be, use the
    official OhQP list of location abbreviations, which is available on
    the OhQP web site. Stations from outside of Canadian provinces and
    American states should have their location shown as "DX", not their
    country prefix or zone.

All of these things can be easily checked by opening your Cabrillo file 
in Windows Notepad before you submit it to the robot.  The Cabrillo file 
was designed to be readable by the human eye.

Not the OhQP logchecker, just an interested bystander trying to be helpful

On 9/15/2016 9:21 PM, swmorton50 at gmail.com wrote:
> I worked K1LT several times during the qso party.  He was signing his call as K1LT/8 and that’s the way I logged him.  I read somewhere that the robot didn’t like a /M as an extension to a callsign and it would reject the contact.  I left all /M’s off my log.  My questions:  Since I logged the contacts with K1LT/8 this way, will the robot reject those three qso’s, or is my log OK the way it is?  Should I resubmit my log without the /8?
> Steve – TI8/AA8HH
> Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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