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I will leave the mobile vs. fixed to someone else.
As for power level, your qso with the highest output power determines the whole entry.  If you keep it all 100w your low.  If you make 255 QSOs and 254 are 100w and 1 is 250w your entry is high power.

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A few weird questions about the OHQP:
1 - I'm planning to attend the small Hamfest at Fair Radio Sales in Lima OH this coming Saturday morning (www.fairradio.com/hamfest.php - free!). On the way home I was going to participate in the OHQP as a mobile, maybe just from noon to 1 o'clock or so. But when I get home I was going to operate from my home station. I should be able to keep track of my contacts while mobile. Should I just send that in as a check log? And then send in my home contacts as my actual entry? Or just refrain from operating mobile at all for the contest? What should I do?

I will be in 3 different counties on the way home.
2 - I may operate from home on one or two bands with over 100 watts of power. But the other bands I will be operating around 90 watts. I assume I need to enter as high power even though not all my contacts will be at high power. Is that correct?
Maybe there should be a FAQ section for questions like these on the website??? If there already is, I couldn't find it. Just a thought...
Thanks in advance!


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