[OhQP-mail] Questions about OHQP

Stanley Klakamp k8ll.ham at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 23:56:51 CDT 2016

A few weird questions about the OHQP:

1 - I'm planning to attend the small Hamfest at Fair Radio Sales in Lima OH
this coming Saturday morning (www.fairradio.com/hamfest.php - free!). On
the way home I was going to participate in the OHQP as a mobile, maybe just
from noon to 1 o'clock or so. But when I get home I was going to operate
from my home station. I should be able to keep track of my contacts while
mobile. Should I just send that in as a check log? And then send in my home
contacts as my actual entry? Or just refrain from operating mobile at all
for the contest? What should I do?
I will be in 3 different counties on the way home.

2 - I may operate from home on one or two bands with over 100 watts of
power. But the other bands I will be operating around 90 watts. I assume I
need to enter as high power even though not all my contacts will be at high
power. Is that correct?

Maybe there should be a FAQ section for questions like these on the
website??? If there already is, I couldn't find it. Just a thought...

Thanks in advance!
Stan K8LL
NW Ohio, USA
10-10# 76801
FP# 3255
Propagation is our master . . . but sometimes the master is cruel!
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