[OhQP-mail] K1CCN this weekend

Robert Lunsford kb8uey at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 21:01:37 CDT 2016

Well, after trying to find a decent venue to operate in Mercer County we have come up empty.  Only found 3 "campgrounds" and all 3 look like the "park your RV for life" type places and no decent trees.  So, plan B was going to be Alum Creek in Delaware County but with the post a couple weeks ago that there was a substantial effort going to be put forth in Delaware that sounded like it was not really needed.  So even though it looks like a fella from Hillsboro is going to be operating somewhere in Clinton, we too will be in Clinton...mainly because Cowan Lake is familiar ground (and water).  We will be a MULTI/TWO in the campground with 100w and a couple wires.  Hope the bands are good, but if not we will end up down at the lake trying to catch some crappie!
Rob KB8UEY1/2 of the K1CCN Team
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