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Mon Aug 27 17:18:18 CDT 2012

without having my log to jog my memory, I think  I worked you (as WW8OH on CW)  at least three times including Morgan.  thanks for the toughies.    I was operating with some broken strands of my own....a ruptured achilles...which necessitated wearing a foot to knee plastic boot which was far from comfortable and  definitely not air conditioned.  But I managed 10.5 hrs on  CW between 80 and 40.  Had good luck on 80  to start, but only for  about 45 minutes before the contacts petered out.  40 was fair  during the afternoon and a real struggle after  7pm.  Even 80 didnt give many counties. My best hourly rate was 43 for one hour around 6 pm. It was hard work. 

I agree.... here in Fairfield County, results were comparable to last year....300 CW qsos with 100w to a 160M horizontal loop at 70 ft....so my rate was  under 30/hr from a fixed station. 

---- Ralph Matheny K8RYU <mathenyr at marietta.edu> wrote: 
> Well, it was a long trip, but we made it.  About the same as 
> last year score-wise I suspect.  First half-hour poor, but 
> things really picked up and we had good afternoon rates.  THEN
> the evening hours were just awful.
> Next year...maybee we otta have a plaque for the guy who makes 
> the most Q's in the last 5 hours of the event.....I was in some of
> Ohio's most difficult counties (Vinton and Morgan) and it seemed
> there wasn't anybody to work after about 35 contacts.  
> Did find a long standing technical problem....wire strands in 
> my long overused portable flat-top were broken inside the insulation
> which caused erratic length of the wire, electrically speaking,
> which really confuses an autotuner.
> I'm getting too old for this stuff.  Maybee MY strands are broken 
> inside MY insulation.........
> de K8RYU
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