[OhQP-mail] W8TEN OHQP Wrap Up

Matt Welch w8dec2 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 12:57:38 CDT 2012

This was the first time ever the W8TEN station has been on the air for the
Ohio QSO Party.  I felt, for only one station on the air, 369 logged
contacts is a remarkable accomplishment.  I am still working on the
official score but should have that by the end of the week.  All this could
not be achieved had it not been been for some great friends.

Several of us took pictures and video.  We'll get that up on the ARES
District 10 website www.ohioares10.org as soon as we can.

Thank you to Jim K8QOT for allowing us to use his property for the Ohio QSO
Party.  At roughly 1300 feet elevation, there wasn't anything we couldn't
work.  If we heard them, we could work them.

Thank you's to the following for station setup, operation, and tear down.
Scott N8SX
Bill K8SGX
Jackie KD8DNE

Thank you to Robert KO8RS and Bob N8KBX for stopping by and visiting with

Many thanks to everyone for making the W8TEN station shine and placing
Geauga County on the map for the Ohio QSO Party!

The last couple months I have been pushing all the ARES volunteers in Ohio
to participate in the Ohio QSO Party.  This was an awesome opportunity for
us to practice emergency communications.  It also gave us the chance to
play around with NVIS antennas, practice our skills, and put our equipment
on the air.  I can honestly say, if you weren't on the air, then you missed
out on a rockin' good time.


73 de Matt Welch W8DEC
Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator
*ARRL - The National Association for Amateur Radio™*
 w8dec at arrl.net
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