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Hold on everyone.  There is only one rule that matters here: Log what you copy.  If you miscopy a call or exchange, then you should and will have your score reduced for UBN.  If you modify or otherwise improve your log after the contest, then you should (but probably will not) be disqualified for cheating.  


Thanks and 73, 


Jim, W8WTS.  


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My rule of thumb is: K8XX/FRAN, K8XX/QRP, K8XX/AE, K8XX/M, etc. are logged as K8XX.  K8XX/4 is logged with the suffix even if I know that he lives in Tennessee.


This doesn't always work.  I worked a 7-call who was in a QSO party in one of the 0-land states who was signing with a /0 and I logged him that way.  Later on, I removed the /0 and reloaded the logs into LoTW and got a confirmation.  But by then it was too late to change my contest log so I don't know what happened there.


There actually was an 8-call running in the TNQP who was signing with a slash and his county abbreviation. That makes things a lot less confusing to me.


In the general spirit of things, I'm not sure of the ethics of changing a log based on the way this discussion might go.


TU es 73 de Joe, W8JPF


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I worked K1LT several times during the qso party.  He was signing his call as K1LT/8 and that’s the way I logged him.  I read somewhere that the robot didn’t like a /M as an extension to a callsign and it would reject the contact.  I left all /M’s off my log.  My questions:  Since I logged the contacts with K1LT/8 this way, will the robot reject those three qso’s, or is my log OK the way it is?  Should I resubmit my log without the /8?


Steve – TI8/AA8HH


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