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Based on your log submitted 28-Aug 2016, you worked 72 CW QSO’s.

Based on the report from the dreaded robot, you got credit for 72 CW QSO’s.

The web page that accepts the log contains a report with number of cw qso’s, cw mults, ph qso’s, ph mults and then a list of all the accepted mults on cw and ph.  This info is also emailed back to the entrant as a header in the cabrillo file in the return file.  This allows the entrant to know what they received credit for during electronic submission.

Are there still questions?

73, Tim K9TM

On Sep 15, 2016, at 9:21 PM, swmorton50 at gmail.com wrote:

I worked K1LT several times during the qso party.  He was signing his call as K1LT/8 and that’s the way I logged him.  I read somewhere that the robot didn’t like a /M as an extension to a callsign and it would reject the contact.  I left all /M’s off my log.  My questions:  Since I logged the contacts with K1LT/8 this way, will the robot reject those three qso’s, or is my log OK the way it is?  Should I resubmit my log without the /8?
Steve – TI8/AA8HH
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