[OhQP-mail] Fwd: 2011 Ohio QSO Party Results

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Thu Mar 8 13:27:37 EST 2012

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Subject: 	[MRRC] 2011 Ohio QSO Party Results
Date: 	Wed, 7 Mar 2012 23:12:11 -0500 (EST)
From: 	Jimk8mr at aol.com
To: 	cq-contest at contesting.com, mrrc at contesting.com, ki8gw at arrl.org

The results of the 2011 Ohio QSO Party are now  available at the OhQP web

Thanks to  all who participated. We hope to see you, and lots of others as
well, for the  2012 OhQP on Saturday, August 25.

73  -  Jim    K8MR

OhQP Chairman

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