[OhQP-mail] AE8M/m report

John Buchert ae8m.jb at fuse.net
Mon Aug 29 16:15:17 EDT 2011

This was a fun contest.  Thanks to all who participated.


BAND     CW     PH     MULTS


80       47      32     23  

40      215      57     75  

20       65       1     16  

15        0       0      0  

10        0       0      0  


Contact Points:   CW(327 * 2) + PH(90 * 1) = 744

Multipliers = 114 OH Counties/States/Provinces (66 cw + 48 ph)

Claimed Score:  84816


County      Qs      Minutes    Rate (Qs per hour)


AUGL        37         35           63

HARD        40         47           51

LOGA        37         46           48

SHEL        45         45           60

MIAM        47         51           55

CLAR        57         89           38

WARR        83         75           66

BUTL        83         84           59


The low rate in CLAR was disappointing.  I allocated extra operating time in
the schedule for Clarke because I thought I might be the only CW station on
in the county.  From previous mobile experience in state QSO parties, the
early evening does seem to be a slack time; perhaps because out-of-staters
are eating supper or perhaps the propagation switch from daylight to dark.
The rate was much higher in the next county, Warren, in spite of the great
activity in Warren.  It took nearly an hour to drive from Clarke to Warren
and it was completely dark at 9:00 PM when I commenced operating.


I worked 45 counties, 33 states/provinces and 3 EU countries.  I park to
operate and the actual operating time was 8 hours, with 4 hours off the air
while driving.  The round-trip, home to home, covered 294 miles.  The mobile
setup was a K3 and hamsticks.  DL2HBX and K8FH were worked most frequently,
7 times each.  TN seemed to be the most abundant state while DELA was the
most frequently worked county.  Of all the stations I worked, my favorite
callsign was KE8M.  Another great callsign heard was AE8I, but I was unable
to work him.


The total Qs of 417 was up about 30% from 2010.  I tried 75 and 80 early in
the afternoon but not many stations were heard or worked.  40M SSB was also
unproductive in the afternoon as my puny mobile signal got buried in the
QRM.  I lived on 40 and 20 CW during the afternoon.  After dark 75/80 became
productive and 40 SSB was superb.  I had a run on 40 SSB of 35 Qs in 18
minutes which included 16 new multipliers.   This run included states from
KY to UT and AZ and 10 OH counties.  Bliss would be an entire contest like
that 18 minutes.


The weather was perfect.  When I parked to operate, I opened the windows and
a moderate breeze kept the inside of the car comfortable.  This was a
welcome contrast to the snow and rain last April while mobile in the MI QP.
The only incident occurred while operating from a park in the unincorporated
village of Roundhead (about 200 people), Hardin County.  A lady was walking
her Basset Hound, a lovable looking but stupid breed (I had one).  The dog
seemed to be fascinated by my car and circled it several times while
sniffing.  To be friendly, as the dog and lady walked past my open window, I
said "hello". That was a mistake.  The dog started barking, a deep and loud
bark which did not stop.  Operating became impossible.





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