[OhQP-mail] AE8M mobile results

John Buchert ae8m.jb at fuse.net
Mon Aug 24 20:49:32 EDT 2009

AE8M mobile results:


BAND   CW     PH     MULTS


80       89      13     34  

40      179       9     34  

20       38       0     12  


operated in 9 OH counties, parking to operate


328 total Q's, 80 multipliers, 40 states/provinces, 26 OH counties


claimed score  =  50,720


The number of Q's and multipliers were up significantly from last year's
results.  Thanks to all who called.  Special thanks to VE3KZ (7 Q's),
KU5B (6 Q's), and to the following for 5 Q's each: N9AUG, K4BAI, K4LTA,
NT2A, N9HDE, K0IO, KN4Y, K4ZGB.  A host of others gave me 4 or less Q's
and really kept it exciting.


The rig was a K2 on the passenger seat with a 100W amp and tuner in the
trunk.  I used Lakeview Hamsticks and two antenna mounts; one mount on
the roof and one on the trunk lid of a Honda Accord.    Much time was
spent swapping 4 antennas between the two mounts.  


A Lakeview super quad mag mount was used on the roof, and for the RF
ground, a 10 inch by 20 inch aluminum sheet was taped to the roof to
form a capacitor with the roof metal.  This idea was borrowed from an
article in a 2006 issue of the NCJ.  This method is very effective and
the only downside is a small amount of tape residue on the roof when the
mount is removed.


SSB was frustrating for much of the contest.  On 75M a number of needed
OH multipliers were strong, but they could not hear me.   Nevertheless,
in the final hour of the contest when activity had decreased, I picked
up 11 new multipliers on 75M and 40M SSB during my last 20 minutes of
operating time.  


This contest was so much fun, I can't wait until next year!


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