[OhQP-mail] K8RYU Rover report

Ralph Matheny mathenyr at marietta.edu
Thu Aug 29 11:12:21 CDT 2019

 well, another in the books.  It was a good trip in  general.
Some comments in order:

Lack of 40 meter short prop really killed the score.  We did
great on 80, even during the day and while mobile.

Ohio activity simply great.  Out-of-state not so much as back in
the good ole days of 20 QSO's with a single station....and lots
more states on-air.  Didn't get a NJ contact until after dark.  many
of those guys from a few years back now silent.

Was good to work K8MR mobile to mobile several times.  That is
a bit rough going but very possible...but on 80M!!

Had several ask me to change modes....sometimes could and
other times could  not.  Our mobile route send us thru JACK 3
times, so we normally stay on CW while in motion and then park
for a while and work just SSB.  In one case was asked to move to
SSB ( think it was KW8N) and could not because county line was
within sight, and the screwdriver antenna takes about 2 minutes
to move 80 to 75.....Sorry Bob.

Ended up with about 505 real contacts, no idea how many mults
but a score of about 128K.  Usually do better than that.

Have had email troubles again...now back to the old address
and hope it stays fixed.  Hackers should be killed...slowly.

de K8RYU

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