[OhQP-mail] Log Submission / Cabrillo File Hints

Gary Mikitin af8a at mangobay.com
Tue Aug 27 15:32:02 CDT 2019

Now that the QSO Party is over, it’s time for the paperwork!  The OhQP Committee wants to make sure everyone who submits a score gets full credit for their QSOs and multipliers.

It is always a good idea to compare the score from your logging program to that generated by the OhQP website after log submission.  They should be very close - generally, within 5% or so (give or take a few dupes, typos, etc.).  If there is a significant difference, please check your Cabrillo file carefully,  using a text editor (ie Notepad).  The QSO lines should look like the sample below.

I found that my logging program of choice, SkookumLogger, had the wrong information in the Cabrillo file - it had an older format, from the days when serial numbers were part of the exchange.  (I’ve contacted the developer; he’s always been quick to respond with fixes.) I chose to edit the file and make the corrections on my own - an option for those with experience editing columnar data in text files.

Per the rules and OQP website:   https://www.ohqp.org/index.php/cabrillo-information/ <https://www.ohqp.org/index.php/cabrillo-information/>

– Correct number of fields: 10

– QSO Fields & Order: Freq, Mode, Date, Time, SentCall, SentRST, SentQth, RcvCall, RcvRST, RcvQth

– Freq is actual frequency in KHz or 3500, 7000, 14000, 21000, 28000

– Mode is CW or PH

– Date is yyyy-mm-dd

– Time is hhmm in UTC

– For Ohio entrants:  SentQTH is one of the abbreviations from the official county name list.  In other words, Ohio stations should not have OH or OHIO in any of their QSO lines. In out example example, the Ohio entrant was in GEAU county, so every QSO shows GEAU for SentQTH.

QSO:  7043  CW  2019-08-24  1600  AF8A  599  GEAU  W4G     599  LAKE  
QSO:  7046  CW  2019-08-24  1604  AF8A  599  GEAU  KW8N    599  LORA  
QSO:  7046  CW  2019-08-24  1605  AF8A  599  GEAU  K8NVR   599  MEDI  
QSO:  7048  CW  2019-08-24  1609  AF8A  599  GEAU  N8BJQ   599  CHAM  
QSO:  7142  PH  2019-08-24  1613  AF8A  59   GEAU  WA1UJU  59   MI  
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