[OhQP-mail] Today is the day!

John Bastin jbastin1 at me.com
Sun Aug 26 00:16:51 CDT 2018

On 25Aug 2018, at 08:33, Stephen Morton <swmorton50 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Looking forward to the OQP from our new “temporary” location in Florida.  We are staying in a friends “manufactured home” in Sarasota until our house is finished next month.  I found a Hustler 6BTV at a local hamfest and set it up just for the OQP between housing units.  The antenna is 6 feet from our unit and 10 feet from the next door neighbor.  Even though I managed to put down around 15 ground radials, the TVI is horrendous.  Apparently the neighborhood cable TV system is very old and has lot’s of issues with poor coax and grounding.  The cable system appears to be a very good receiver/antenna for all bands 10 – 80.  There’s a good chance that I will wipe out TV for a whole lot of neighbors today!  I’ll be on the air until somebody knocks on the door and tells me to quit…hihi.

They must not have chased you off too soon, Steve…:-) I was happy to get you on CW on three bands in the contest. Glad to see you there!


John K8AJS
jbastin1 at me.com

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