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This is right up your alley Steve...

July 2009: The “Worked All Television Sets” Award

Howdy from Joe’s Place…

“So many awards, so little time…”

Doesn’t it seem like there’s a Ham radio award for about everything you can imagine? I just now did an internet search on “Ham radio awards” and it returned over a million hits. It’s worse than I thought! I guess I’ll have to narrow things down a bit and concentrate on just one or two from now on.

Meanwhile, I’m proud of the awards I have already earned. My favorite is WATV (Worked All TV Sets). That one was simple to achieve. I didn’t need fancy new equipment. (I used an old CB linear and a home brewed transmitter) I didn’t even need a receiver because I was able to “work” the televisions without making actual contact with another Ham station.

Application for that one was easy too. There were no wretched QSL’s required. You simply needed to have ten official complaints from your neighbors on file with the FCC. Best of all, the Feds provided the documentation for free. It just showed up in the mail, unsolicited.

There are special endorsements for this award too. One is for proof of an actual home visit by an FCC employee. You need to provide the employee’s name and the date and time of his visit.

Another is the coveted “Cable TV Only” endorsement. That one takes some extra documentation. You need to prove that the televisions in question were only receiving signals from an authorized cable provider at the time they heard your station. The proof can be a billing statement or notarized letter from the cable company, showing that service was provided on the same date(s) that appear in the FCC complaints. Further evidence (photographic or otherwise) is required to prove that “No means of receiving over-the-air signals was available on the date(s) in question.”  A signed, notarized affidavit from a neighbor, testifying to the fact that there was “no over-the-air signal reception” is also acceptable but such documentation has proven difficult to obtain, especially if you have been in recent “contact” with the neighbor’s TV set.

Well, maybe I’ve inspired some of you to pick out one of those one-million-plus awards and go after it. As for me, I’m now working on the IWE (I’ve Worked Everybody) award. Once earned, that one automatically qualifies you for every other award out there. Some think it’s cheating or laziness to be able to get all the other awards that way, but heck, it’s in the rules, so right or wrong, it’s legal, and that’s what counts.

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Looking forward to the OQP from our new “temporary” location in Florida.  We are staying in a friends “manufactured home” in Sarasota until our house is finished next month.  I found a Hustler 6BTV at a local hamfest and set it up just for the OQP between housing units.  The antenna is 6 feet from our unit and 10 feet from the next door neighbor.  Even though I managed to put down around 15 ground radials, the TVI is horrendous.  Apparently the neighborhood cable TV system is very old and has lot’s of issues with poor coax and grounding.  The cable system appears to be a very good receiver/antenna for all bands 10 – 80.  There’s a good chance that I will wipe out TV for a whole lot of neighbors today!  I’ll be on the air until somebody knocks on the door and tells me to quit…hihi.
Good luck to all!
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