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The 100 watt rule stems from the fact that it is difficult, usually requiring significant effort and investment (in trailers, generators, etc.) for a mobile to go much beyond 100 watts. The difference between 100 and 150 watts is not significant, but going to 500 watts is. 100 watt radios in a car is a pretty straightforward technical issue.

This power question may be less of an issue for rovers, who (unlike in ARRL VHF contests, for example) are allowed to use AC mains, or can transport a generator that is not running.

A station may operate from only one county at a time:

Miscellaneous rules (actually #4, not #1):
No station may claim simultaneous operation in more than one county, state, or province. A mobile or rover station must move a minimum of 500 feet before claiming to be in a new county, state, or province. The complete station (operator, transceiver, antenna, etc) must exist in a single county/state/province.
This is based on the assumption that one likes the action of making QSOs, so taking away an extra possible QSO by doing two counties is considered counter productive. Also, log processing issues arise from the need to have the sent county in each QSO line, and the possibility of logs showing two counties in a log field looking for one county. 

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On Aug 23, 2016, at 9:53 AM, weinfurt at intelliwave.com wrote:

> Hi all,
>     About Ohio QP: Is there a reason that the rules state that a rover or mobile can not operate with more than 100 watts? These days it is not hard to run 200 watts from a single rig; or more power from a small solid state amp.  It would help the qso rate and the person on the other end would hear better, since most antenna's are a compromise.
>     Also can a rover or mobile operate from two or more county lines? With GPS it seems that it is possible to be very accurate as to where county lines are... Rules seem to indicate that they can, but it is not clear...

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