[OhQP-mail] [MRRC] Idea for future OHQP

weinfurt at intelliwave.com weinfurt at intelliwave.com
Tue Aug 23 08:53:39 CDT 2016

Hi all,
      This year, I have tried to work all the state QSO parties and have 
so far done it.  I won the Hawaii QP from OH with one contact into Pearl 
county!  I have worked some great qso parties and some not so great as 
far as rules and regs go.  I guess I have a couple of observations or 

      About Ohio QP: Is there a reason that the rules state that a rover 
or mobile can not operate with more than 100 watts? These days it is not 
hard to run 200 watts from a single rig; or more power from a small 
solid state amp.  It would help the qso rate and the person on the other 
end would hear better, since most antenna's are a compromise.

      Also can a rover or mobile operate from two or more county lines? 
With GPS it seems that it is possible to be very accurate as to where 
county lines are... Rules seem to indicate that they can, but it is not 

Expiring minds want to know! : ' )

Lookin' forward to gettin' MEIG on the air Saturday. And my wife is 
letting me get out of a family get-together, that I was not interested 
in going to! What a gal !!!

NS   "CW Nut " 8O


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