[OhQP-mail] Thanks from South Carolina

Alan Fitzsimmons fitzsimmons.alan at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 14:02:17 CDT 2015

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the fellas from Alliance Amateur Radio
Club for activating COLU in the OHQP. I was born and raised in New
Waterford and lived in Columbiana County for 40+ years. Now as a transplant
to SC I worked the OHQP in search of COLU just for nostalgia sake. I found
them on SSB and CW from their portable location in Damascus.

I was only able to be on-air for 3 hours but enjoyed the heck out of things
working hams from my home state.

Now, mark your calendars for the South Carolina QSO party "The Big Event"
September 19th. Many, many plaques are up for grabs as well as unpublicized
prizes consisting of South Carolina BBQ dinner for two delivered to your

Thanks also to Dan, W8CAR, the OHQP activity whip. Your efforts noticeably
paid off!

Alan, W4ANT
Saint George, SC
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