[OhQP-mail] AE8M/M results summary

John Buchert ae8m.jb at fuse.net
Sun Aug 23 12:48:39 CDT 2015

This was the first time I exceeded 500 Q's (although just barely) as a
mobile in a state QSO Party.   I appreciate every QSO; finishing at 499 Q's
would have been very disappointing.  The most frequently worked stations
were K5YAA (12), K9OM (11), N4PN (9), K0RI (8), N2MM (8), KO1U (7), WX4G
(6), WA8ZBT (6), and many others less than 6.  

The bands seemed noisy throughout the entire contest, but the propagation
was sufficient to allow a fun contest and activity seemed excellent.  I
worked very few OH stations during daylight, but activity from the west on
20M was great.  After the first 5 hours of the contest, I had worked only 5
OH stations.  One highlight was working NU0Q/M in WY and then in UT.
Another highlight was working TI8/AA8HH 5 times.  

As shown by the county summary below, the QSO rate was remarkably stable
during the contest.  During the afternoon it was impossible to get anything
going on 40M SSB, but I finished with a run of 40 Q's on 40M SSB just before
midnight.  Attempting to pickup OH multipliers on 75 SSB was frustrating.
Finding a hole to call CQ was impossible (some rag chewers became upset with
me), and my mobile signal was insufficient to bust pileups.

The rig was a KX3/KXPA100 at 100W into hamsticks on 20M and 40M, and
Hustlers on 80/75.  I park to operate and the total operating time was 8
hours, 6 minutes.  The average rate was 62 Q's/hour.

BAND     CW     SSB     

80           73         11    

40          186        51

20          172        11


CW mults: 72,  SSB mults: 41,  claimed score: 103,070


COUNTY       Q'S        MINUTES          RATE - Q/HR

SHEL             48            48                       60

LOGA           53             55                       58

CHAM          61             44                       83

CLAR            49             45                       65

MIAM          45             45                       60

MONT          46             46                      60

WARR          87             86                      61

BUTL            33             32                      62

HAMI           80              85                     56


John, AE8M


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