[OhQP-mail] Suggestion for 2015 (Or later) OHQP

Stan k8ll.ham at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 10:07:37 CDT 2014

"the multiplier (or bonus points) should be given to the person that 
WORKS a QRP station"

Maybe low power mobile stations too? They should be 5x?

Maybe QRP while mobile should be a 10x multiplier?

It's easy to get carried away tho...

As an often mobile operator, and  sometimes QRP, it would be nice to 
have an incentive for a station to WANT TO put forth extra effort to 
work me. Often I don't say that I'm QRP, or mobile, during a contest 
because I figure they might not want to put forth the extra effort to 
work a "hard to hear" weak signal. If the points were higher for working 
me they would spend a little more time and effort to try. In fact, there 
would be an incentive for high power/multi-operator/contest club 
stations to actually CQ for QRP and mobiles. That would be an incentive 
for more to do mobile and QRP, and would level the field a little. Might 
be more interesting and fun.

Just consider a QRP working a QRP, if there's multipliers for both 
stations . . . wow.

Just my $.02 worth...

Stan K8LL
10-10# 76801
FP# 3255
Propagation is our master . . . but sometimes the master is cruel!
On 4/12/2014 10:43 AM, Chasey, David A wrote:
> Hank might actually be on to something here, but the multiplier (or bonus points) should be given to the person that WORKS a QRP station.      All participating stations have a level playing field as far as receive, so the QRP station can hear as well as anyone else.    It's more difficult to copy a weaker station than a stronger station, so if there is any extra difficulty involved, it's on the end of the guy working the QRP station, hence they should receive the bonus.
> ....Dave - N9FN

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