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Chasey, David A wn9nbt at purdue.edu
Sat Apr 12 09:43:33 CDT 2014

Hank might actually be on to something here, but the multiplier (or bonus points) should be given to the person that WORKS a QRP station.      All participating stations have a level playing field as far as receive, so the QRP station can hear as well as anyone else.    It's more difficult to copy a weaker station than a stronger station, so if there is any extra difficulty involved, it's on the end of the guy working the QRP station, hence they should receive the bonus.

....Dave - N9FN

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I know it's waaaayyyyy too late for 2014 rules change, but...... How about a "power multiplier" for the High Power, Low Power, and QRP categories for 2017 or 2018 or maybe 2050?  (by 2050 may allow enough time for the OHQP committee to consider a change, knowing how long it takes for change to happen within Ohio)  And for those who don't recall, this LID lived in Ohio for over 40+ years.

 From the New Mexico QSO Party rules, to wit:
8. Multipliers / Bonuses
a. Power Multipliers (the highest output power used at any time during the contest will determine the power multiplier for all contacts.) i. QRP: 5 watts output or less: x5 ii. Low Power: > 5 - 150 watts output: x2 iii. High Power: more than 150 watts output: x1 ===================== Yes, I know, I know, the hams in Ohio know MUCH BETTER than others elsewhere, so we can't learn from them. But I'm a stupid enough LID to not understand this axiom of common knowledge of the "Gurus on high" to whom we all bow in obsequious sycophancy, never daring to question their omnipotent and supreme knowledge and wisdom.

72/73 de n8xx Hg
QRP >99.44% of the time

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