[OhQP-mail] Multi-operator logging options

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Wed Jun 19 23:13:14 CDT 2013

As Isaid before N1MM Contest Logger is the cat's meow foryour 
application.  It works best if you can connect it to the rigs in use (I 
know the ICOM 7000 can be interfaced with a proper cable, and the Alinco 
DX 77 is on the list of rigs which N1MM will recognize.) The 7000 can 
control the software, i.e. if you have the bandplan set right forN1MM 
and youchange bands on the rig, the software will recognize the change 
and everything will be transparentto the operator. I don't generally 
have this option with my ancient TR-5, and Ifind that I change bands 
and/or modes and forget to tell the software that I've done so.  I 
probably lose a few contacts when log checker notes the errors of my ways.

But, you don't NEED to have the rigs interfaced with the software/  If 
not interfaced, you just MUST have operators which more mental capacity 
than me. :)

Good luck with whatever you do.

72/73 de n8xx Hg
QRP >99.44% of the time

On 6/19/2013 11:31 PM, Robert AC8GE wrote:
> Tim and the Group,
> We are not currently using any rig control or interfacing with our 
> radios. Last year we used an Alinco DX77 and an Icom 7000. It is more 
> of a thing where we just get together and "run what was brung." :) I 
> would like a way to work on finding dupes during the QSO party and 
> having sequential serial numbers.
> Last year, we divided up the bands between the two radios and ran 
> separate serial number counts per station. After the event I merged 
> the two N3FJP log files into one, sorted on date/time, and was able to 
> generate my contest entry from that. Since we didn't operate on the 
> same band, we didn't have any problems with dupes.
> Ideally I would like to be able to band hop as needed, like a single 
> operator station would, to adjust for band conditions and propagation. 
> Say when all that is left is 40m and 80m, depending on situations, it 
> would be nice to go back and forth. Or if one of us wanted to run CW 
> and the other Phone, I don't want to cause confusion to other 
> contesters because our serials are not in sequence. An example of when 
> this would be a problem is when operating on the same band, on 
> separate modes, and one station asks the phone operator for a cw 
> multiplier. If the cw operator is not on the same serial, this could 
> cause the other station to question the validity of the serial 
> provided on the second QSO, asking for repeats, etc, thereby lowering 
> the QSO rate (not that it would be very high anyways).
> The computers would not be generating CW or controlling external 
> devices. We are just getting together to have a little fun and see 
> what happens. I would say "casual" contesting for the fun of promoting 
> Ohio and a rarer county.
> At this point, I think I will give N1MM another spin and see if I can 
> get my laptop to talk with my desktop. If I can get that part working, 
> then it will be easier to get things set up at the site when the other 
> operator brings their personal laptop to try.
> Thanks for the bandwidth.
> 73,
> Robert AC8GE

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