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Mon Aug 26 20:20:36 CDT 2013

Thanks to Ken, W8MJ, for making the trip down from MI for another mobile trip around OH.

We made 35 of the planned 39 counties (720 miles).  Two were trimmed out to try and makeup time (mercer/darke).  We were back on time for a while but detours/construction put us behind again.

Conditions were... interesting.  However, we're all dealing with the same conditions.

I'd like to say that we worked fewer OH counties than last year (sure would have thought so before looking at the stats) but it turns out we worked 3 more OH counties than last year.

We also worked more mults overall, mainly because we worked more SSB mults this year.  I think we completed every move to SSB that we tried.

The only thing missing was people to work!  We were down more than 200 q's from last year :-(

The setup this year was almost identical to last year.  Chrysler minivan with Hamsticks for 20m, 40m and 80m on a home-made mount on top the van.  Kenwood TS590.  My own logging software. (We use the 590 over the K3 as my K3's don't have antenna tuners and the 590 works well.  Using the K3 would not put any more q's in the log)

	cw	ssb
80m	110	1
40m	226	28
20m	143	17
mult	73	31

525 * 104 = 104,416

Thanks to all who worked us.

73, Tim K9TM
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