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Stan k8ll.ham at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 13:52:39 CDT 2013

Hello Jim, and everyone.

I used paper logs but would like to enter my contacts into a logging 
program to generate a cabrillo file to send in. I've tried a logging 
program, or two, in the past, to enter my contacts into after the fact, 
but they wouldn't let me enter a date or time, they automatically used 
the current date/time on the computer. That can be edited, I know, but 
it would be much easier if I could enter my own date/time as I'm putting 
the contacts in.  Do you, or anyone, know of a free logging program that 
will allow the date/time of my choosing to be entered?
I would like to make it easier for the volunteers who work hard on this 

Thanks to all for a fun QSO party!

Stan K8LL
On 8/26/2013 1:31 PM, Jimk8mr at aol.com wrote:
> A reminder that the OhQP has a preferred log submission method using 
> an upload from the web site, www.ohqp.org <http://www.ohqp.org>
> Submitting this way allows our log receiving robot to check your log 
> for proper format, getting it immediately into the log checkinq queue, 
>  and saving steps for our hard working OhQP team.
> There are several common errors that will cause the robot to reject 
> your log:
> 1.  The sent QTH in the QSO lines is different from the QTH you listed 
> before uploading. A common cause is programs like N1MM that have a 
> default QTH (OH) that needs to be changed to your Ohio county before 
> generating your log.
> 2.  Your log includes RSTs for sent and/or received QSO information. 
> We do not use RST's, so be sure that your log does not include them.
> 3.  Some software inserts a transmitter number at the end of the QSO 
> line for multiop entries:
> QSO:  3798 PH 2013-08-25 0400 K8MR          0185 PREB W9UCW         
> 0002 TX    0
> You will need to get rid of that last "0" after TX.
> Remember that OhQP allows packet/internet spotting use by single 
> operator stations, so you don't need to be multiop unless you actually 
> have multiple operators or use CW "Skimmer" spots.
> Even if you have emailed a log, you can go ahead and resubmit via the 
> web upload method. Doing so will be much appreciated by the OhQP staff.
> Thanks & 73,
> Jim   K8MR
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