[OhQP-mail] Spotting Question

James M. Galm, W8WTS jim at w8wts.com
Fri Aug 23 08:52:58 CDT 2013

All Ohio QSO Party participants are welcome to use my DX Cluster servers for
sharing spots during the contest.  I recommend using my CCCluster server at:


dxc.w8wts.net  Telnet Port: 7373


Once connected, type the command:




to turn off the unwanted fire-hose of RBN and skimmer spots, thus complying
with the Ohio QSO Party rules.  Another useful command is:


set/filter k,ve/pass


which filters spots that you receive to only those originating in USA and
Canada, i.e., you will not see Europeans spotting other Europeans.  


All of the commands for my CCCluster server are described at:




The best directory of active DX Cluster nodes is at:




I hope to work everyone early and often tomorrow, operating from K8AZ.  




Jim, W8WTS.  





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Can someone suggest a good telnet site to use for spotting OQP?


For my general logging software I currently use dxspots.com.


Is there a better site to use that most OQP folks will be likely to use?


I don't use spotting heavily so maybe a dumb question but should we all try
to use the same spotting site to get the best coverage? If you spot on A and
I am set up to use B, I won't see your spot.


Is there a "best" site to use?


For general logging I currently use  dxspots.com. Will that be good for OQP?


Thanks and 73


Paul, N8OT

    paulhurm at gmail.com <mailto:paulhurm at gmail.com> 

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    www.typicalfrenchkiddies.com <http://www.typicalfrenchkiddies.com> 

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