[OhQP-mail] Spotting Question

paulhurm at gmail.com paulhurm at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 08:24:41 CDT 2013

Can someone suggest a good telnet site to use for spotting OQP?


For my general logging software I currently use dxspots.com.


Is there a better site to use that most OQP folks will be likely to use?


I don't use spotting heavily so maybe a dumb question but should we all try
to use the same spotting site to get the best coverage? If you spot on A and
I am set up to use B, I won't see your spot.


Is there a "best" site to use?


For general logging I currently use  dxspots.com. Will that be good for OQP?


Thanks and 73


Paul, N8OT

    paulhurm at gmail.com

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