[OhQP-mail] OhQP - K8CC Single-Op Low Power (out-of-state)

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Sun Aug 26 19:16:18 CDT 2012

                              2012 OHIO QSO PARTY
     Call used: K8CC                                           Location: MI
     Category: Single-Op                  Mode: MIXED            Power: Low
     Callsign of Operator(s): 
     Exchanged Information: K8CC nr MI  
     Hours of Operation: 05:39
     band   CW QSOs    CW pts     Ph QSOs    Ph pts
      80         44        88          32        32
      40         54       108          47        47
      20          0         0           0         0
      15          0         0           0         0
      10          0         0           0         0
     TOTAL       98       196          79        79
     ( 275 ) QSO points  X  ( 96 ) Multipliers  =  26,400 points
     Club or Team Name: Mad River Radio Club          
     This is a hard contest to run low power from Michigan and stay in 
the chair.
     Being so close to Ohio, the majority of the time I would have only 
one usable
     band so I simply would run out of stations to work.  Not that 
activity was bad -
     actually, I thought activity was pretty good.  The 80 and 40 CW 
sub-bands were
     hopping when the bands were open (until the RTTY bums trashed 40 
CW) and SSB
     was pretty good too.  I answered OhQP CQs even above 7275 and 3875, 
so the
     participants spread out pretty well.

     In years past, I would operate this contest with high power and 
call "CQ Ohio"
     a lot to keep the rate up from out-of-state (channeling my 
"inner-W8MJ" as it
     were).  But the logistics of 80M are so much simpler with low 
power.  My 80M
     antenna is an inv-V cut for 3625 and run thru an MN-2000 tuner to 
present an
     acceptable match to the amp.  But the tuner has to be adjusted 
every 25 KHz
     or so, particularly in the phone band.  With low power, the MN-2000 
is switched
     out of line and the auto-tuner in the FT-1000D keeps the match 1:1 
with each QSY.
     Makes life a whole lot easier.

     Once again, a fine job by the mobiles.  Being 100% S&P, these guys 
provided a
     lot of QSOs and multipliers.

     K9TM/m     14 QSOs
     K8MR/m      7 QSOs
     W8O/m       4 QSOs
     K8RYU/p     5 QSOs
     All but two of these QSOs were on CW.  I moved K9TM to phone once, 
and found
     K8MR randomly once - both of them easily copiable on 40 SSB.  Both 
W8TM and
     K6JSS had good signals with QRP.

     Now if I could just figure out why KW8N is so darn loud...

     73, Dave/K8CC

     signal with QRP

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