[OhQP-mail] OhQP K6JSS(N8XX) Single Op QRP

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Sun Aug 26 10:25:22 CDT 2012

                     Ohio QSO Party

Call: K6JSS
Operator(s): N8XX
Station: N8XX

Class: Single Op QRP
QTH: Glacier Ridge Metro Park, UNIOn County
Operating Time (hrs): 11

  Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
    80:   67     51
    40:   31     56
    20:   18      2
    15:    0      0
    10:    0      0
Total:  115    109  CW Mults = 69  Ph Mults = 53  Total Score = 41,480

Club: Queen City Emergency Net


Got an early start, and would have had an hour to get thing all in 
order, before 1600Z had my "antenna support from hell" not fallen down 

Finally got on about 1630.  20 was "so-so" for QRP.  40 was the "gold 
mine." Listened a few times on 15 and 10, but NADA.

Guesstimate of operating time is between 10 and 11 hours.  Being in a 
public park, sharing a picnic shelter with a party from the scientific 
community of Ohio State University Chinese Graduate Students created 
lots of questions about ham radio.

The facilities at Glacier Ridge Metro park were ideal.  Thanks to the 
management and the rangers for making this a pleasant excursion.

All in all, a personal best in claimed score.  Lettuce c how many busted 
calls, etc. will happen.

Finally, tnx 2 the organizers of the Ohio QSO party!

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