[OhQP-mail] Log submission by web page is active

K9TM k9tm at buckeye-express.com
Sun Aug 26 08:03:23 CDT 2012

The log submission page for 2012 is now available.  

Go to http://www.ohqp.org and use the links on the page.  To submit your log there is a large link that says "==> Click here to submit your log <==".

The logs received page is now available.  Remember that this only updates when logs are submitted using the web page.  If you direct email your log you will not see your log in this list.

The  raw score comparison page is also up so you can compare raw scores before the official results are announced.

I also posted a link to the post from last year with info on the web log submittal process.  You can get that info at http://mail.ohqp.org/pipermail/ohqp-mail_ohqp.org/2011-August/000516.html

73, Tim K9TM

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