[OhQP-mail] Quick questions about setup of N1MM software

Richard Langford KD8LCD kd8lcd at kd8lcd.com
Sat Aug 18 09:27:31 CDT 2012

Hello All,


I have a quick question


Our club will be participating in the QSO Party,


In the past I have operated from home as a single user single rig so setup
for logging was a simple task


For this QSO party as I said we are operating as a club,  and early on I
asked what logging software would be best too use if we ran with 2 rigs and
had a rotation of members using them, 

It was suggested to give N1MM a try, thanks for that info and I have been
testing it out here at home in a networked mode with a couple computers and
have it running , again thanks to those who answered those questions you
were a be help.


Now, I have a question regarding setting up for this QSO party


I created a new database let's call it:  OHQSO

I set the start date 2012-08-25


Below that is the Contest tab:


This is where I am somewhat confused, since we are running  2 rigs at all
times and will have several operator I'm not sure if I have the follow
fields set correctly: I have listed what I think is correct for our group,
but would appreciate knowing if something is not correct or needs changed:
again we will be running 2 rigs with several operators using them throughout
the event, 


Operator Category-Multi OP 

Band: ALL

Power Category: High

Mode category: Mixed

Overlay : N/A

Station Category: Fixed

Assisted Category: I have this currently set to assisted- since we will most
likely be using  spotting is that correct?

Xmitter Category: TWO

Sent exchange: 001 BUTL (starting serial number and our county correct?)

Operators: ( just list names or call-signs of participants correct?)

Time category: 12-Hours (since this is a 12 hour QSO party?)


Also when I start the N1MM software I get a prompt for Run1 run2 or lat
used,  is this just asking basically which rig or station unit?


Thanks again, to those who help, and we look forward to working as many of
you as possible


Rick -KD8LCD

Club Call: W8AJT


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