[OhQP-mail] AC8GE/HOLMes summary report

Robert AC8GE ac8ge at arrl.net
Sun Sep 4 15:42:18 EDT 2011

Call: AC8GE
Operator(s): AC8GE K8MLT

Class: Multi-Op
QTH: Holmes
Operating Time (hrs): 9.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
  80:        0         107
  40:        2         232
  20:        0         22
  15:        0         1
Total:      2          364
CW Mults = 2  PH Mults = 104  Total Score = 39008

We set up portable at an Heavy Equipment rental company. Antenna was a 80m
inverted V attached to a 50ft High lift, fed with 450ohm open wire line.

Bands were good overall. I would of liked to work more on 20m and 15m, but
the pickings were slim. Tried calling CQ with no luck, so we switched bands
to get out rate up. Even when 40m went long after 10pm, we still kept a good
pace considering the noise floor increased dramatically. We worked 67
counties, 37 states and a 4 DX stations.

I just couldn't get comfortable with my straight key to get more cw
contacts. I'll see what I can do for next year about that.

Thanks for all the contacts. We are having custom QSL's printed and hope to
have them the week of the 12th. That is when the real fun starts.

Till next year,
Robert AC8GE
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