[OhQP-mail] Licking Co. - OQP Activity - COOKEN

w3hkk at roadrunner.com w3hkk at roadrunner.com
Wed Jul 21 20:28:55 EDT 2010

At the last COOKEN Club meeting here in Licking County,  good interest was shown by several ops in getting together for the OQP.  

Not sure about the call sign yet but activity is looking like a multi-station (2) endeavor with emphasis on 80 & 40, plus  some 20,  15 and 10,  depending on propagation, using both ssb and cw.

Now that   a successful FD has passed, and  individual batteries are  recharging, it would be great to have  yet another nice effort for the OQP.  Perhaps 40m will cooperate by  providing continuous afternoon  local (Ohio) propagation like it used to do  a few years ago, for those of us chasing  a Clean Sweep!

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