[OhQP-mail] Operating in Meigs co.

Greg Weinfurtner weinfurt at ohio.edu
Sat Jul 3 07:24:35 EDT 2010

Fellar OHQP operators,
         Looking forward for OHQP myself.  I'm in NW Meigs county, but 
can't operate the whole contest, but will be in it.  Bring your rovers and 
come on down!  Always glad to have others operating in the county, because 
I feel a responsibility to get Meigs on the air and that takes some of the 
pressure off me.  Choose you time and routes, I'm going to be almost all CW 
operation, so if you go SSB a lot you should help out the SSB fellars and 

         I am at 930' elevation. Sparse down here, hilltops open fields, 
etc. and you could operate all 12 hours.

vy73 de NS8O
PS There are 80 hams in Meigs but not many participate...


Greg Weinfurtner AEE BSS
40192 State Route 689
Meigs County
Albany, Ohio 45710
United States of America
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