[OhQP-mail] Lack of CW Activity - or was it QRP or QLF?

Mike Tindor AA8IA aa8ia at aa8ia.org
Tue Aug 31 20:03:59 EDT 2010

80m CW was far from disappointing to me.   I think it must have been more 
unique to where you live or because you were running QRP.   Here in EOH I 
had no problem funding many many CW signals on 80m.   Perhaps not as many as 
I expected.   I knew that with the massive PR blitz there would be increased 
activity -- I guess I was thinking it was going to all show up on CW.   I 
doubt the contest has "gone" SSB, but rather I am guessing that a 
significant number of first-time OhQP stations that were on the air this 
year probably chose SSB.    It's a lot easier for clubs and such to find SSB 
ops for a QSO Party I would think.

So if the increase in SSB is directly related to the number of additional 
stations on the air this year that weren't on last year/previous years, I 
certainly don't mind the additional SSB.   I'm just saddened that I didn't 
count on that.   Had I been prepared to operate on 80m SSB it certainly 
would have increased the fun factor for me.   Next year I won't make that 
mistake, and I welcome all the additional SSB.   I worked a few of them, and 
it sure sounded like they were having a lot of fun, in a very relaxed sort 
of way.   I can dig that.


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> I  found a few "runs" on 75 SSB, but I was semi-disappointed with 80 CW. 
> Things seemed too run out quickly, and I went to S&P and found few "new" 
> stations each time.
> Has the contest gone to a majority of SSB?

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