[OhQP-mail] Lack of CW Activity - or was it QRP or QLF?

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Tue Aug 31 19:01:58 EDT 2010

I  found a few "runs" on 75 SSB, but I was semi-disappointed with 80 CW. 
  Things seemed too run out quickly, and I went to S&P and found few 
"new" stations each time.

Has the contest gone to a majority of SSB?

Doing QRP with SSB on 75 is a challenge, though sometimes a "run" 
developed - perhaps when someone put N8Q on a DX cluster - or maybe just 
coincidence.  I didn't find a time when I exceeded 40 Q's/hour for a 
complete hour,   The "rate meter" did exceed 60/hour for 20 minutes on 
both CW and SSB a few times, but the string just didn't continue.

Maybe it was because on CW I was stuck with my trusty J-38, and my left 
foot wouldn't move faster than about 18 WPM, so many folks slowed down 
when answering my CQ's, or maybe it was just because I was running <5 watts.

Anyway, I made more Q's than in NEWAygo county during the Michigan QSO 
party, so I can't really complain.

Now, back to figuring out why my keying circuit for my computer didn't 
work. :)

73 de n8xx Hg

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