[OhQP-mail] AE8M/M Results

John Buchert ae8m.jb at fuse.net
Sun Aug 29 20:30:51 EDT 2010


My results from operating mobile in 9 counties are as follows:


BAND   CW     PH     MULTS


80       92      35     43  

40       74      35     35  

20       74       0     12  

15        0       0      0  

10        0       0      0  


Contact Points:   CW(240 * 2) + PH(70 * 1) = 550

Multipliers = 90 OH Counties/States/Provinces (54 cw + 36 ph)

Claimed Score:  49500


My mobile setup consists of a K3 with one antenna mount on the roof and
another antenna mount on the trunk lid of a Honda Accord.  Lakeview
Hamsticks for 20, 40, 80 and 75 were frequently rotated between the
mounts.  I drove 200 miles during the contest and another 120 miles
prior to the start to get to the first county.  I park to operate.


My total number of Q's and calculated score are very close to those of
last year, but the distribution is different.  40M CW was way down (179
Q's last year compared to 74), but this year there were big increases in
20M CW, and 40M and 75M SSB.  Perhaps the increases in SSB are the
result of the great work by K2KW in stirring up activity. 


The EU stations added some extra excitement with Q's as follows: DL3DXX
5, HA8IB 5, DL2HBX 4, DL3GA 4, HA1AG 3, OK2EC 3, and one each for LY2FN,
PA3ARM AND SP5SA.  Whenever I entered a new county and started CQing on
20M, they were there immediately.  After dark, I abandoned 20M but they
found me on 40M.


The first half hour of the contest was a disaster.  I had replaced my
usual mobile laptop with a new little Samsung netbook.  I was unaware
that the touch pad on the netbook has a feature called virtual scrolling
which duplicates the operation of a wheel on a standard mouse.  Moving a
finger across the touch pad would cause the rig frequency to change.  I
unwittingly did this in the middle of two Q's (K1ZZI & W4DAN, sorry
guys) and probably numerous times while CQing.   Of course, the QSO rate
was very bad the first half hour and I was quite discouraged.  About 20
minutes into the contest I noticed that the rig frequency at the end of
a CQ was not the same as when I started calling.  I did not know the
source of the frequency shift, but I did figure out that engaging the
frequency lock button on the K3 would prevent it.  The frequency lock
button kept me in the contest and about two counties later I figured out
that the touch pad was the source of the problem.  I now know that this
virtual scrolling "feature" can be disabled in the touch pad settings.


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