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Wed Aug 25 12:05:42 EDT 2010

Another mobile team joining the fun, coming down from Michigan for the  
73  -  Jim   K8MR

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Here's  what I came up with for the K8MM/K8DD OQP road trip.
We may use Ian's call,  we may use my call, we may switch calls with the
operator, so I'd list us as  K8MM/DD/mobile.

Start in the south at Noon and work north - makes the  trip home much 
Thought about starting at the HAMI / BUTL line, but  they look very  well

DARK                 K8D
MIAM                  AE8DD  AE8M
CHAMP              AE8DD K8GJP  N8BJQ
LOGA                AE8DD
SHELB              AE8DD AE8M   N6JSX
AUGL                AE8M    N9FN
MERC                N9FN    
VANW                W8DHG  W8FY   W8O
PUTN                 NO8C    W8O
PAUL                  K8MAF   W8O
DEFI                  W8LO   W8O
WILLI                 W8BD   W8O
FULT                 W8O

I hope that we don't get to ride through the same counties at the  same time
as AE8DD, W8O and / or AE8M!
Maybe someone can post this to the  OQP reflector.

73    Hank    K8DD

"I knew that God put me on this earth to be on the radio."     Ed Bradley
"Me too!"    K8DD

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