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Kenneth Silverman kenny.k2kw at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 11:59:57 EDT 2010

Hi All,

We're days away from the best contest of the year, and the turn out so far
has been fantastic.  But we still need more activity so we can't give up the

This year we could see a number of stations working all 88 Ohio Counties.
All 88 counties have some level of coverage and 64 of the 88 counties have
fixed-station activity.  In most cases these 64 have mobile activity too.  A
lot "rare" counties won't be so rare this year as many of these counties
will have full-time fixed station coverage + mobiles.  Speaking of mobiles,
the highways will be filled with the most mobiles/Rovers we've ever had in
the OhQP.  Also, be on the lookout for N8KR aeronautical mobile on 75 SSB.
Thanks in advance to the road/air warriors who help make this a great

But we can't slow down yet - we need ALL the activity we can get, and we're
well on our way of having fixed-station activity in all 88 counties!  Just
because there's a few ops in your county on the Planned Activity list
doesn't mean you get off easy: every QSO and active station matters.  If you
know some HF ops who weren't planning on operating, please encourage them to
do so, even if it's for just a few hours.

I just sent out one last reminder to over 300 Ohio clubs (see announcement
at bottom of email).  If you don't see the announcement on your local club
reflector in a day or two, please send it out.  Please also send it to ARES,
QCWA, EMA and repeater type groups in Ohio as you never know where we will
find potential activity.

The following 24 counties so far don't have fixed station coverage, and some
of them normally have fixed-station activity!

Belmont (1)
Carroll (1)
Fulton (1)
Mercer (1)
Monroe (1)
Ottawa (1)
Van Wert (1)
Warren (1)

Notes:  1:  a single mobile/rover is providing coverage

73, and CU on the air!
Kenny K2KW
OhQP PR Coodinator


Ohio QSO Party Announcement:

The Ohio QSO Party (OhQP) on August 28th is just days away.  It's
looking like a banner year of activity, but we need your help to make this
the best OhQP ever.  Just an hour or two on the air (or even all 12) will
really help.  Come on and join THE party!

For those who don't know what the OhQP is all about, it's a fun time for
Ohio stations to be on the air and be the hunted station, or "DX".  People
from around the world are seeking out Ohio stations in this event, which is
a nice change from most operating events.  The OhQP occurs on Saturday
August 28, 2010 from local noon to local midnight.  In the basic QSO
exchange, Ohio stations send a consecutive serial number + county, and
non-Ohioans (who can only work Ohio) send a consecutive serial number and
state/province/DX.  Suggested frequencies are:  CW: 3545, 7045, 14,045,
21,045, 28,045 kHz; SSB 3825, 7200, 14,250, 21,300, and 28,450 kHz.  Don't
be shy - try calling CQ in addition to searching and pouncing.  Remember,
the world is tuning the bands looking for Ohio stations - your CQ's will be
answered!  Full details and an OhQP operating guide can be found on the
official website at: www.ohqp.org/.

By calling "CQ Ohio QSO Party" you will be amazed at the number of
people who call - and you will likely have pileups too.  An hour of CQing
from a modest station can easily yield 50-80 QSOs (or more).   If you
don't like to CQ, tune around and hand out some QSOs.  Since Ohio
stations are usually the only one's calling CQ, the best place to tune
and call others will be 75/80 (even starting at noon) as it's the only
band for Ohio-to-Ohio QSOs.  Checking the other bands is worth
while too.

This is a great event for a club activity or a training ground for new(er)
hams.  Round up the club and have some fun.  If you are in
the mood to enjoy the great Ohio countryside, try operating portable or
mobile from a rare county.  Remember, the ultimate goal is to just get on
the air and have some fun!

73 and we hope to hear you on the air,
Kenny K2KW
Ohio QSO Party PR Coordinator
kenny.k2kw at gmail.com
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