[OhQP-mail] 80 Meter Mobile Window

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Tue Aug 17 00:13:33 EDT 2010

As we keep our fingers crossed that we might get some 40 meter skip short  
enough to support qsos within Ohio, we also keep prepared for the 
possibility of  yet another year when we don't.
Last year we tried with good results a "Mobile Mini-Window" on 80 meter  
CW.  We asked fixed stations to keep 3545 KHz clear, +/- 1 Khz or more, for  
mobile stations during the daylight hours.  By doing so, any activity there  
would be by a mobile or somebody working a mobile. Mobiles could show up  
for a few CQs, and have a good chance of stirring up some activity. .
With the Mini-Window, a quick QSY 80 CW on 3545 became a great way to  
follow the Ohio mobiles on the only band with propagation to most of Ohio  and 
nearby states.
After dark, when the normal activity level on 80 picks up, the window is  
less critical because people will be tuning the band anyway, and mobiles  
will likely be spending significant time on the band. .
So please keep 3545 clear for mobiles during the day.  If you  hear fixed 
stations there during the daytime, you might politely ask  if they could QSY 
to keep things clear for mobiles.
73   -    Jim   K8MR
Planning to be one (of many) of the mobiles out in the 2010 OhQP
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