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Chasey, David A wn9nbt at purdue.edu
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Hi Kenny,

   For several years we have operated "Field Day" style portable from a park in Mercer county exactly as you described.     We selected Mercer county primarily because it was fairly rare prior to our operations, and it was one of the closer ones to our home in Lafayette, IN.    It has always been very discouraging to us that while using wires in trees and 100w from a picnic shelter we are forced to compete in the same category as the large multi-multi stations running KW's, beams, and other permanent antennas.

Adding a "portable" category as you suggest for fixed stations operating "Field Day" style would be a GREAT addition for OhQP.       Successfully setting up such an operation takes significant effort and could be a great club or group project, so such a category should allow multiple operators, and multiple transmitters in that class.        This would encourage additional participation in OhQP, provide a mechanism to get a bigger signal out of some of your rarer counties for the whole contest, and get more public exposure to OhQP as well as Amateur Radio in general.

I would strongly support such an addition!

Thanks and 73.....

Dave - N9FN

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The SSB/CW ratio for 2009 is front and center of the web results: http://www.ohqp.org/results2009.htm  (and usually the results start off with this tally)

There was surprising balance of QSOs, though CW beat SSB.  Only on 75/80 was there a nod to more SSB QSOs.  The 2009 results are also compared to 2005, where CW wins again.

FB about activating a rare county next year - would people be inclined to go out on County Expeditions (presumably fixed since we have the rover/mobile category) if there was some form of recognition (or category) for such efforts?

73, Kenny K2KW
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As previously noted, COOKEN  members will be putting on a two station Licking County OQP effort this year.  It looks like the two will be split  - one CW and one SSB station .  While Licking Co is not exactly rare ( it was about the 11th  most active county in  last years contest)  - we hope to balance both modes, on 80-10.

Depending on this years success in getting enough operators, targeting rare Ohio counties  might be on the radar for 2011.

I wonder what the ssb - cw mix of qsos was in 2009.  Im guessing it was  heavily tilted to ssb - despite k8MR's ( and others) efforts to the contrary.

Also, Im hoping we get some 15m openings into Europe this year, and maybe even 10m sporadic E, and have taken the liberty to notify friends at the UBA (Belgian Radio Club, similar to ARRL) about the OQP and how it enhances their chances to work new Ohio counties as well. Hopefully they will pass the word.

So keep an ear out for ONs' and other Europeans, as well.

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