[OhQP-mail] 2010 OQP - Licking County - WW8OH

Kenneth Silverman kenny.k2kw at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 09:46:45 EDT 2010

The SSB/CW ratio for 2009 is front and center of the web results:
http://www.ohqp.org/results2009.htm  (and usually the results start off with
this tally)

There was surprising balance of QSOs, though CW beat SSB.  Only on 75/80 was
there a nod to more SSB QSOs.  The 2009 results are also compared to 2005,
where CW wins again.

FB about activating a rare county next year - would people be inclined to go
out on County Expeditions (presumably fixed since we have the rover/mobile
category) if there was some form of recognition (or category) for such

73, Kenny K2KW

On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 9:05 AM, <w3hkk at roadrunner.com> wrote:

> As previously noted, COOKEN  members will be putting on a two station
> Licking County OQP effort this year.  It looks like the two will be split  -
> one CW and one SSB station .  While Licking Co is not exactly rare ( it was
> about the 11th  most active county in  last years contest)  - we hope to
> balance both modes, on 80-10.
> Depending on this years success in getting enough operators, targeting rare
> Ohio counties  might be on the radar for 2011.
> I wonder what the ssb - cw mix of qsos was in 2009.  Im guessing it was
>  heavily tilted to ssb - despite k8MR's ( and others) efforts to the
> contrary.
> Also, Im hoping we get some 15m openings into Europe this year, and maybe
> even 10m sporadic E, and have taken the liberty to notify friends at the UBA
> (Belgian Radio Club, similar to ARRL) about the OQP and how it enhances
> their chances to work new Ohio counties as well. Hopefully they will pass
> the word.
> So keep an ear out for ONs' and other Europeans, as well.
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