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Greg Weinfurtner weinfurt at ohio.edu
Sun Aug 30 06:02:41 EDT 2009

Hi folks,
         I used GenLog that I got from the South Carolina QSO party and it 
is much like others but much more versatile.  It has all the QSO parties 
and states and many contests already loaded and ready to go.  It allowed me 
to log rovers with a warning that it was a dupe but took it after I said 
"OK" to the little box. I recommend checking it out, easy learning 
curve.  And it is FREE!!

Download at: http://www.qsl.net/w3km/gen_log.htm

vy 73 de NS8O

"When we speak of man, we have a conception of humanity as a whole, and 
before applying scientific methods to the investigation of his movement, we 
must accept this as a physical fact. But can any one doubt to-day that all 
the millions of innumerable types and characters constitute an entity, a 
unit? Though free to think and act, we are held together, like stars in the 
firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties we cannot see, but we feel 
them. I cut myself in the finger and it pains me: this finger is a part of 
me. I see a friend hurt, and it hurts me, too: my friend and I are one. And 
now I see stricken down an enemy, a lump of matter which, of all the lumps 
of matter in the universe, I care least for, and it still grieves me. Does 
this not prove that each of us is only a part of the whole?"

Nikola Tesla, The problem of increasing human energy. June 1900.  
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