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Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Sat Aug 29 22:34:45 EDT 2009

I'm not an N1MM user, at least not yet. But as a veteran mobile contester  
I'm happy to offer some opinions and suggestions.
Here in Ohio we avoid most of these issues by not allowing county line  
I like very much NA's approach to logging mobiles as they change  counties, 
the "QTH Must Match For Dupe" feature.  With that,  one enters a mobile 
callsign, where the most recent QTH will come up  with a dupe warning.  But wh
en you enter the new QTH, it accepts the  qso with no need to type any "/M" 
or "/CUYA" appended to the  callsign.  
Typically I spend an average of 30 minutes per county.
Any logging program for mobile operation should require zero mouse  
operations after initial setup (i.e. when not in motion).  Bouncing on  rough roads 
is not a good time for using a mouse!
Attention needs to be paid to qso parties using serial numbers  (such as 
OH, MI, PA, CA). Mobiles should have the option of using one  serial number 
sequence, or starting new number sequences for each  county.  I prefer the 
later.  Keep in mind that mobiles may leave  and later return to a county, so 
if using separate sequences the software  needs to pick up at the correct 
number when reentering a county.
For changing counties, I would prefer a text command in the callsign field  
such as "COUNTY=CUYA" which would change all county references  (including 
keyer memories) to CUYA.  An alternative of a drop down  menu for counties 
is OK so long as it is not the only way. 
I would like score windows (including breakdowns for band/modes) for both  
the current county and the overall totals.  It is important to keep track  
by county so you don't forget an important band/mode.
The best thing N1MM could add to the state of the art is to find a good way 
 to allow people - mainly non mobiles - to operate several simultaneous qso 
 parties (or other contests).  Please provide an easy way to toggle between 
 contests, so that one can quickly see the score, multiplier lists, and 
qsos with  only the desired contest, as well as changing keyer memories if 
With this you might include an option to see all qsos.
You might also provide for automatic contest selection by callsign  area:  
for example if set up for New England, Indiana, and  7-land  contests, 
typing a call with "9"  ("W9RE") would select the Indiana log,  while keeping an 
override available so one could select the 7QP after typing  K9JF (in 
Washington state).
73  -   Jim  K8MR
In a message dated 8/29/2009 9:50:40 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
kenny.k2kw at gmail.com writes:

N1MM is looking at improving their rover/mobile implementation.  If  any of 
the mobile ops would like to comment (even if you are not an N1MM  user), I 
can forward your comments to the N1MM reflector.  The N1MM users  who have 
responded so far have been contest specific.
73, Kenny K2KW
The developers have additional questions below and need your input to  make 
decisions based on the contest operation requirements. Please respond via  
the reflector so all developers can read your replies.
John, K3CT
When operating as a rover or mobile in contests, how long are you  
operating in a county or grid before it is necessary to configure the program  for 
the next county/grid?
Are there any contests that allow boundary operation that require the  
rover or mobile station to log multiple contacts for each station worked? If  
so, what contest?
How do other stations expect you to communicate the multiple contacts?  Two 
exchanges? Slashes between location designators?
When operating on county or grid lines, what percent of the time would  you 
estimate is it:
2 counties/grids?
3 counties/grids?
4  counties/grids?
Does the mobile/rover station get one QSO for a county/grid line QSO or  
one for each county/grid?
Do the contests you operate allow multiple contacts per cabrillo line, or  
must QSO's from rover/mobile show one cabrillo line per county/grid? 
Besides the QSO parties, ARRL VHF/UHF, and CQ VHF contests what other  
contests require rover/mobile  support?

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