[OhQP-mail] K8MR Home Safe, Sound, and Tired

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Sun Aug 23 02:09:29 EDT 2009

Made it back with no problems, good weather.  My scheduled driver  W8DRZ 
had to back out, having been in the hospital earlier in the week.   AC8E 
filled in and did a fine job.  I even managed to work W8DRZ for my  Erie county 
SSB mult.
Basically slugged it out all day.  Got very few good runs, but with  enough 
80 meter daytime activity to keep the rate above in-the-dumps  levels.  The 
last 4 hours or so were fantastic.
No totals yet.  Thanks to all who were on and who followed us around  Ohio.
73  -  Jim   K8MR
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