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                   Ohio QSO Party

Call: K8O
Operator(s): K2KW
Station: N0FW

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 12
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
  80:  173     93
  40:  169    113
  20:   95    163
Total:  437    369  CW Mults = 103  Ph Mults = 95  Total Score = 236,016

Club: Mad River Radio Club


Wow, that was fun.  Thanks to my host N0FW for letting me operate.  I was
supposed to go up to K8AZ's, but my XYL didnt want me too far from the
Next time Tom!

Broke the low power record by a wide margin, but there were some other big
scores out there that might be LP and do even better.

K8MR was everywhere, and very fast with QSYing.  Many thanks to all the
(and other stations) for QSYing.

Mad dash before the contest to set up SO2R and get it working.  As many
noted, I still had hum on SSB, but it didn't seem to hurt the rate that
WHen raising the crankup with the 20m yagi, the rotor cable sheered and my
N0FW repaired it about 5 minutes before the contest started.

80m 4-square, 40m dipole @ 35' (worked like gangbusters), 5 ele 20m Yagi at
55'.  FT-2000, FT-1000

73, Kenny K2KW
QSL K8O via my home call

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