[OhQP-mail] Ohio QSO Party and CT

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Fri Aug 21 23:28:28 EDT 2009

On behalf of K8AZ I was looking into making up some files for CT to  spoof 
it into being able use the California QSO Party configuration to handle  the 
Ohio QSO Party. (Both contests use the Serial Number/QTH exchange  format; 
CQP allows some bands that OQP does not). 
After editing the first half dozen Ohio counties into the California .DAT  
file, I decided to test it before I spent any more time doing the manual  
editing. I was using Version 10.01.008 (DOS).

I then discovered that not  only would it accept the counties I had added, 
but ones that I had not added as  well. In fact, it will accept just about 
anything you put into the QTH  field.

This version of CT apparently was pre-Cabrillo for CQP, but it  appears to 
correctly put the information into the .ALL file. I did not test all  the 
other bells and whistles of CT (keyer, DVK, computer-radio interface, etc.),  
but it does produce a readable log.

I've done little testing beyond what  I described above, using only one 
version of CT. So there are lots of  disclaimers and YMMV's. CT used in this 
manner comes nowhere close to scoring  the contest properly, and displayed 
multipliers will be all screwed up. For  example, Ohio's WYANdot county is 
interpreted as WYoming. The first number  received defaults to 59 or 599. And so 

CT is definitely not the  logging software of choice for the OQP. But if CT 
is the only logging program  you have that comes close to supporting OQP, 
give it a try. Again, just pretend  you are operating the California QSO 
Party (from California).

I hope to  see many of you in the Ohio QSO Party, Saturday, August 22.  
1600z to 0400z  (Aug 23). 

Full info at  www.ohqp.org

73    -   Jim   K8MR

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