[OhQP-mail] Loaded for bear...

Ralph Matheny mathenyr at marietta.edu
Fri Aug 21 22:20:24 EDT 2009

Well, the old van is aimed out and the batts are on charge.  I almost forgot the Vibroplex but I think all is on board now!

Will be on about 3825 from SCIO at about 11:30 tomorrow, eating the traditional ham sandwich and checking the bands, unless some
disaster strikes.

Speaking of bands...20 sounded pretty good today, and has been Ok all week.  Perhaps we will have a shot at some contacts there.
On 40, we'll take what we get, and I think we can plan for it to
be longish again this year.  Nil on 15 meters during a couple
quick checks.

That leaves 75 and 80, already much discussed by others.  Lets
hope we get some good conditions someplace!

Weather looks pretty good, on the cool side for an OQP, but that's
good for me.........

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